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Rafael Martins de Paiva

Avocat à la Cour

71 rue Desnouettes

75015 Paris


+33 6 30 13 00 66


Rafael Martins de Paiva advises his clients on matters of corporate and commercial law. The firm commits to the development of a full-fledged legal strategy for the companies it assists.

The firm is a new offer in the Parisian legal market and relies on a lean and agile structure. Its values align perfectly with the needs of start-ups and innovative small-businesses.


Martins de Paiva will assist you on each stage of your development: choice of a corporate structure, drafting of articles of association, negotiation of financing contracts, drafting of general terms and conditions, trademark application, personal data protection, compliance with legal regulations related to online sales. The firm is open to discussing fee arrangements that are compatible with the realities of a starting business, e.g. a monthly flat fee, capped fees, or reduced rates combined with a success fee.   

Rafael Martins de Paiva has hands-on experience in contractual negotiation and drafting: non-disclosure agreements, construction contracts (in particular EPC), consortium and joint venture agreements, supply agreements, shareholders agreement, etc.  

Small and medium-sized businesses can count on our expertise in international trade, which can empower them to envision an international expansion in particular to Brazil and the rest of Latin America.

With a parallel practice in conflict resolution, Rafael Martins de Paiva can act to prevent disputes or to settle and/or mediate them at an early stage.

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