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International Law

International Law

Rafael Martins de Paiva is an international attorney. He has a unique expertise enabling him to act in both public international law and private international law and international trade.

Public International Law

Rafael Martins de Paiva

Avocat à la Cour

71 rue Desnouettes

75015 Paris


+33 6 30 13 00 66

Rafael Martins de Paiva had an excellence training in public international law. As a trainee in an international firm, he was involved in inter-State border delimitation cases before the International Court of Justice and arbitration tribunals.  

Rafael Martins de Paiva also has a significant experience in investment arbitration, having worked on cases before ICSID and ad hoc tribunals, both in the defence of States and of investors. 

The firm is also able to assist clients in human rights cases. It can represent or assist clients before the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Human Rights, or the Human Rights Committee.  

Further, Rafael Martins de Paiva may assist its clients before the administrative tribunals of international organizations.

Private International Law and International Trade

Private international law governs interactions between private persons in an international sphere, i.e. when such interactions present potential links to multiple national laws: different nationalities, residency of the parties, place of execution or performance of a wedding or a contract, etc. Such links should cause parties to question what is the law and the competent jurisdiction governing the legal situation.  

The firm assists its clients on questions of private international law, such as recognition and enforcement of international arbitral awards or foreign court decisions. Rafael Martins de Paiva can also advise his French and foreign individual clients on the solutions of French law to delicate situations: international inheritance with real property located in France, the consequences in France of divorce proceedings in a foreign State, international adoption of minors, etc.  

In matters of international trade law, the firm’s expertise includes advice and arbitration/litigation representation on matters such as: international sale of goods, maritime transportation, construction contracts (such as FIDIC contracts) and project financing.

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