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Rafael Martins de Paiva

Avocat à la Cour

71 rue Desnouettes

75015 Paris

+33 6 30 13 00 66


Litigation breeds uncertainty. The firm views it as a feature of a general strategy and never loses sight of the goals set by its clients. We will always explore the means to reach these goals as fast as possible: negotiation, mediation, settlement, reaching out to an insurer, seeking compensation from a third party, etc. 

If legal proceedings are unavoidable, the firm represents its clients before the French courts for litigation in commercial, civil or criminal matters.

Rafael Martins de Paiva can assist clients in corporate law disputes, in particular in conflicts between shareholders. He also represents companies and their managers in commercial litigation with partners or competitors, for instance in cases of:

•    conflict between franchisors and franchisees ; 
•    wrongful termination of commercial agency contracts; and
•    sudden and unlawful termination or threat of termination of established commercial relations.  


In civil matters, Rafael Martins de Paiva may represent companies and consumers in tort or contract disputes in the context of personal injury, misleading practices and defective products.

Rafael Martins de Paiva also practices in criminal matters and assists his clients on all stages of the criminal procedure. 

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